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Terra is originally from Canada.

Terra is a mix of many things. One part good old fashioned Canadian friendliness. One part rock and roll. One part talented stylist and makeup artist.

She started her hair career when she was just 16. She worked in her family’s salon. They made sure she stayed on her feet, and busy with her hands in hair.

Terra is very concerned about the health of each client’s hair. Terra strongly believes that beautiful hair is healthy hair, so she is forever correcting imbalances and improving the condition.

In order for Terras clients to get the most out of every visit to her, Terra is sure to take the time to get to know each guest personally. She always has the best interest of the client at heart, and takes the time for an in-depth solid consultation. The smallest details are very important to her, and help her in journey to making each client shine!

A kind spirit, Terra wants each client to know how unique and special they are. She brings out the best in everyone she meets. And her joyful attitude towards life is contagious!

Artwork, photography, color, people and culture inspire Terra daily. She has been creative all her life, and credits this to her supportive parents who supported her dream of becoming an artist and hairstylist. She loves to play with color, and uses creative techniques in cutting to enhance color tones.

In 2000, Terra began her career at a salon in Ontario, Canada where she quickly became the most sought after stylist. She quickly built up a fiercely loyal clientele. These clients demanded the best, and Terra is what they got. During this time, she was building knowledge and perfecting her techniques. She took advantage of many advanced Paul Mitchell courses, and took her career to the next level. Her ability to create an exclusive shade of hair nobody else will have was her signature. She was flown to Las Vegas to study the latest trends in hair and was educated one on one by the top stylists from Paul Mitchell, in very small group workshops. She had a private creative color and cutting class with the infamous Stephanie Kocielksi, which for Terra was life (and career) changing. Paul Mitchell Team had a small show in Niagara Falls, Ontario, that Terra was invited to attend. Lenny King, Robert Cromeans, Steph and Takashi were there- Terra had been inspired and learned a lot.

Terra was also flown out to Washington DC and NYC to do a few exclusive weddings. She is very good at putting hair up, and very good at makeup.

A few quotes that Terra lives by:  “Roots are for trees.” “I believe if you care for everyone in your chair, you will never fail.” “Bangs not Botox.” “Some of the most successful hairdressers are the ones who remember it’s a people business.” “Have the courage to let go of who you are today, so you can step into someone even better tomorrow.”

Rock and Roll!

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